Malaysian Shares How He Bakes Kuih Kapit Every Year For CNY, Finding Joy In The Most Simple Things!

The festive season in Malaysia is a time for joy, family, and traditions that bring us closer together. While some of us love big celebrations, others find happiness in the simple pleasures that remind us of our roots.

malaysian shares how he bakes kuih kapit every year for cny, finding joy in the most simple things!Photo via Instagram (

For Malaysian radio DJ Alsen, Chinese New Year is all about the delicious scent of Kuih Kapit filling the air. In a recent Instagram reel on, Alsen shared his love for baking this traditional treat, which brings back fond memories of past celebrations.

"I'm not entirely sure why I make Kuih Kapit every CNY. Maybe it's because I just love these snacks, or perhaps it's the nostalgia of reliving those special moments," Alsen shared.

Instead of using a fancy kitchen, Alsen prefers to bake outdoors in his garage. With charcoal burning and ingredients ready, he dives into the baking process, immersing himself in the tradition and joy of CNY. Alsen's skill and ease in making Kuih Kapit show his deep connection to this beloved Malaysian delicacy.

Alsen's story shows that CNY isn't about big parties or crowds; it's about finding joy in the things we love. His annual baking tradition reminds us of the simple pleasures and warmth of past celebrations, bringing back memories of carefree days with family and friends.

For Alsen, CNY is a time to cherish our customs and enjoy activities that make us happy. His heartwarming video of baking Kuih Kapit is a beautiful reminder that the true spirit of the festive season lies in sharing moments of love and tradition.

As we celebrate CNY, how has your festive season been?