M’sian Landlord Allegedly Increases Rent After Tenant Buys and Install Aircond Unit at Own Expense

The reported decision of a Malaysian landlord to hike the rent for their rental property has sparked confusion and concern among netizens, especially for the tenant now facing increased monthly expenses.

Adding to the puzzlement is the claim made by the tenant that the rent increase came right after they installed an air conditioning unit in the house, using their own money!

m’sian landlord allegedly increases rent after tenant buys and install aircond unit at own expensePhoto via Pinterest

As shared by @_mlikr on X, the tenant shared their ordeal with the landlord.

@mlikr explained that they had initially asked for the landlord's approval before installing the air conditioning unit, to which the landlord had agreed. However, shortly after the installation, @_mlikr alleged that the landlord raised the rent, citing "different rates for homes with air conditioning units."

"This landlord's behaviour is baffling. We volunteered to cover the costs of installing the air conditioning unit, without causing them any financial strain. And now, all of a sudden, they're hiking the rent simply because there's air conditioning.

"Not only are we paying the monthly electricity bills, but we also purchased and installed the air conditioning unit. And now, out of the blue, our rent is going up because of it."

Responses to the X post were filled with sympathy for @_mlikr's situation, with many criticising the landlord's alleged arbitrary actions.

One commenter suggested that if the landlord wishes to increase the rent due to the air conditioning, they should shoulder the costs of purchasing and installing the unit.

Another commenter found the situation absurd, particularly the 'logic' used by the landlord.

Additionally, one commenter questioned the validity of the Tenancy Agreement between @_mlikr and the landlord. If the agreement is still in effect, the commenter pointed out, the landlord cannot unilaterally change the terms.

What do you guys think of this?