Malaysian Kuih Lapis Shines on The Great Australian Bake Off, Celebrating Our Unique Cuisine

The rich tapestry of Malaysian culture and its delectable cuisine have long captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Malaysian dishes often find their way onto international platforms, captivating audiences worldwide with their unique flavors and vibrant presentation.

malaysian kuih lapis shines on the great australian bake off, celebrating our unique cuisinePhoto via TikTok (@binge)

Recently, a very special Malaysian tea time snack took center stage on The Great Australian Bake Off, leaving viewers eager to explore its enticing taste and nostalgic charm.

Binge, in a delightful showcase on their TikTok page, featured the segment where British cook, author, and cooking show host Rachel Khoo presented the rainbow kuih lapis. Born to a Malaysian father, Khoo shared how this delightful treat brought back fond memories of her childhood.

Introducing the segment as the week's technical bake, Binge wrote, "A rainbow lapis cake!" The video featured Khoo explaining the intricate process of crafting the kuih lapis.

"When I see this cake, I just have to smile because this is the cake from my childhood," Khoo lovingly expressed.

The kuih lapis, renowned in Southeast Asia, is made with coconut, tapioca flour, and rice flour. What makes it even more special is that it is steamed, eliminating the need for an oven, making it accessible to bakers of all backgrounds.

Darren Purchese, a judge on The Great Australian Bake Off, chimed in, declaring it the perfect cake for International Week.

Khoo continued to unravel the culinary magic of the kuih lapis, sharing a delightful way to enjoy it without traditional cutlery.

"It's not really a fork and spoon kind of job. So, you just pick one up, peel off a layer, and then pop it in your mouth."

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The rainbow lapis cake, boasting nine layers of vibrant colors, leaves a visually stunning impression, making mouths water at the mere sight of it.

As the rainbow kuih lapis made its appearance on the international stage, it not only tantalized taste buds but also served as a delightful ambassador of Malaysian culture and its treasured cuisine. 

This small but mighty teatime snack showcased the essence of Malaysia's rich culinary heritage and brought smiles to the faces of those who were fortunate enough to witness its charm.