Malaysian Man Interjects as Couple Uses Singapore-Plated Car to Fill Up RON95 Petrol

The driver of the vehicle requested the man in black to replace the nozzle, upon realising that he was filling up with RON95 petrol on a car with a Singaporean registration number.

It is well known that the sale of RON95 petrol, or 'yellow oil', is specially subsidised for Malaysians and vehicles registered in Malaysia.

malaysian man interjects as couple uses singapore-plated car to fill up ron95 petrolPhoto via X (@MALAYSIAVIRALLL)

Therefore, foreigners and cars registered from outside the country are not allowed to use or purchase it. Moreover, any station owner caught selling fuel to foreign-registered vehicles can be fined up to RM2 million.

Recently, a video went viral on social media showing a vehicle with a Singaporean registration number filling up with RON95 petrol.

Through the video that went viral on X, initially a male driver rolled down his window before addressing the man believed to be a Singaporean citizen filling his car with RON95, "Bro, where is your registration number from? Are you from Singapore?" he can be heard asking the man.

The man in the black shirt then seemed to not understand what the driver was asking before turning to a woman.

The driver then asked if they were from Singapore and informed them that their car cannot be filled with the yellow nozzle, which is for RON95, as it is only for use by Malaysians.

The woman then stated that she is a Malaysian citizen, but the driver explained that the vehicle's registration number is from Singapore. Upon hearing this, they then seemed unwilling to comply.

However, after being pressed, the man said he didn't know and apologised, "This is wrong, put the nozzle back now. This is my country. You cannot do this to my country.

"Your registration number is Singapore, how can you fill up with yellow oil as it is subsidised for Malaysians," he continued.

Replace the nozzle, driver also questions why workers allowed the couple to fill up RON95

The man in black is then replacing the yellow nozzle and apologising again. The one who recorded the video also questioned why the workers at the petrol station allowed the couple to fuel their car with the RON95. 

However, the driver said that even though she is a Malaysian citizen, she cannot use subsidised petrol for vehicles registered from outside the country.

Looking at the comments section, many are urging the driver to take action against the gas station for allowing them to fill up with RON95.

They also characterise gas station owners as needing to be firm in not allowing foreigners to fill up with RON95.

"Next time just press the red button and all the oil at that station will stop."