Local Social Media Star Sabrina Azhar Takes on Acting in K-Drama Debut

Sabrina Azhar, a well-known local figure on social media, has stepped into the acting world with her debut in a K-drama series titled "Girl In The Mirror."

local social media star sabrina azhar takes on acting in k-drama debutPhoto via TikTok (@jpbrinx)

The South Korea-based content creator, who is also an engineering graduate, recently announced on her TikTok account that the series is now available on YouTube. She shared, "You can catch 'Girl In The Mirror' on the official YouTube channel of Casually. Watch the complete teaser video here," in a video post.

In the teaser trailer, Sabrina is seen portraying a student who faces bullying from her schoolmates. The series premiered on YouTube just a few days ago on August 27th! 

The comment section of her announcement was flooded with excited fans looking forward to seeing her in this new K-drama venture.

"Wow, Sabrina's debut in a drama! I can't miss this! It looks really interesting and I'm eagerly waiting for it to start!" wrote one enthusiastic fan.

Another commented, "Sabrina, this is a proud moment for you. Great job to everyone involved! The series seems intriguing, and I'm definitely keeping an eye out for it."

Sabrina, a 23-year-old who wears a hijab, kept the production details succinct in her announcement. Graduated from Hanyang University in Seoul, Sabrina is fluent in English, Malay, and Korean. Notably, she previously worked as a host and had the opportunity to interview the popular female K-pop group Twice.

@jpbrinx my first kdrama ‘girl in the mirror’ will be out in 2 days!! save the date 🥳 @무심결애 #kdrama #webdrama ♬ original sound - Mr. G

Congratulations to Sabrina on her acting debut! We can't wait to see her shine on the screen and bring her talents to this exciting new chapter of her journey.