Frustrated Harimau Malaya Fans Leave “Hate Comments” On Jay Chou’s Instagram Over Limited AFF Cup Tickets

Malaysians, what is this behaviour… 

After a number of seats at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium for the AFF Cup 2022 had to be given up to make room for Jay Chou's upcoming concert, Harimau Malaya fans are now taking out their frustrations on the King of Mandopop’s Instagram account. 

frustrated harimau malaya fans leave “hate comments” on jay chou’s instagram over limited aff cup ticketsPhoto via New Straits Times

One Instagram user claimed how he was unable to get tickets because of Chou’s concert that is happening on 15 January.

Meanwhile, another user asked for Jay Chou to postpone his concert in Malaysia, as the first leg of Malaysia’s semi-final match against Thailand is happening on 7 January and Malaysians want a packed stadium filled with supporters. 

In response to a remark claiming that the stadium is a football venue and not a concert venue, one Instagram user said the stadium is not the property of the Malaysian Football Association (FAM). 

However, Jay Chou’s fans were quick to defend their idol saying that the concert has been sold out since June last year, “Go and take out your frustrations on the event organizer who set up the stage too early,” one person said. 

“He booked the stadium in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the concert to be postponed for three years,” another person responded to all the hate comments. 

A fan also pleaded with Malaysians to stop criticizing the singer, saying that it is the stadium’s management, and not Chou, was to blame, “Whatever comments you leave here reflects our identity as Malaysians. Please, this is so embarrassing.”

“You guys, here are saying all these bad things, and in Bahasa, that he doesn’t even understand. Please stop, it is so embarrassing.”

So far, Chou has not yet turned off the comment section on his Instagram.