M’sian Man Finds Gold Necklace In His Mee Goreng That He Bought At Ramadan Bazaar

On Saturday (1 April), one Malaysian man shared something unusual he found in his noodles in a recent Facebook update. 

Andy Tan, shared a photo of himself eating noodles that he had bought from a Ramadan bazaar.

m’sian man finds gold necklace in his mee goreng that he bought at ramadan bazaarPhoto via Facebook (Andy Tan)

In the photo, Andy is seen holding a mouthful of fried noodles with a chopstick, however, something about the noodles seemed a little off…

After a closer look, it looks like a gold necklace is sneakily hidden in the noodles, “No wonder fried noodles nowadays are very expensive, there’s gold necklace inside,” his caption reads.

Tan even added the crying-laughing emoji to cover his face and we assume it perfectly captured his actual reaction! 

His friends on Facebook were jealous and even asked where he had bought the food so that they could try their luck as well, “Hoping I’d find a gold ring in my nasi goreng.”

“Where did you buy your dinner lah? I want to try and buy there, too!” said one person.

Well, looks like it’s time to go to the pawn shop!

How funny!