Malaysian Father Endures 4-Hour Walk from Beranang to Kajang for Food Donations

A devoted Malaysian father undertook a gruelling 16-kilometre journey from Beranang to Kajang, driven by his love and determination to ensure his children had food to eat.

malaysian father endures 4-hour walk from beranang to kajang for food donationsPhoto via Facebook (Info Semasa)

The story, shared on the Info Semasa Facebook page by Nasi Kukus Kak Chiq, details the man's quest for assistance. The vendor recounted, "Yesterday, this brother contacted us via WhatsApp, asking if we had any leftover food from Nasi Kukus Kak Chiq for his three children. Unfortunately, we closed at 4 PM that day, so we asked him to come by the next morning."

True to his word, the man set off early the following day, departing from Beranang at 7 AM. "We were puzzled about why he was coming so early, only to discover he was walking. When he arrived, his shirt was soaked with sweat," they said.

A quick check on Google Maps confirms that the walk from Beranang to Taman Jasmin in Kajang takes nearly four hours.

The man explained that his motorcycle was under repair and wouldn't be ready until next week. In the meantime, he had no means to support his family. His journey underscores the lengths a father will go to for the well-being of his loved ones, willing to endure hardship to ensure they don't go hungry.

Moved by his plight and his unwavering dedication to his family, the Nasi Kukus vendor provided him with essential supplies and arranged a Grab ride to take him home, sparing him another long trek. 

"We couldn't let him walk all the way back. We hope his burdens are eased and he can resume work once his motorcycle is repaired," they added.

Kisah pagi ini. Datang dari Beranang ke Kajang hanya dengan jalan kaki. Semalam abang ni ada wasap bertanya jika ada...

Posted by Info Semasa on Wednesday 12 June 2024

This touching story highlights not only the father's deep love and sacrifice for his family but also the kindness and generosity of the Nasi Kukus vendor.

We deeply appreciate their compassion and hope that the man's situation improves, enabling him to support his family once more!