Malaysian EXO-L Living In South Korea Shares How He Got To Act Alongside His Idol, D.O.

A recent graduate from Malaysia, who now resides in South Korea, recently revealed that he appeared as an extra alongside his idol, D.O. from the famous South Korean-Chinese boy band, EXO.

malaysian exo-l living in south korea shares how he got to act alongside his idol, d.o.Photo via Instagram (@naufalomar)

Naufal Omar, took to his Instagram to share that he secured a role as a salt farmer in the K-drama, Bad Prosecutor, “Another achievement unlocked!” he wrote in his caption.

“To be honest, I didn’t know what the role was at first, but when I arrived at the location, I saw that D.O. was there and I was stunned,” adding that he was paid around RM1,000 for the job.

He told The Star that he didn’t get to take any photos with D.O. because he wanted to be professional, “As soon as my scene was over, my manager whisked me back to Seoul because the shoot was in another city.”

Naufal said that D.O. was very pleasant to work with and he was nice to everyone on set. He also explained that he got the role in the drama because he previously appeared as an extra in the 2021 K-drama series, Racket Boys. 

Although he did not get a photo with D.O., he did manage to take a photo with another EXO member, Kai during a photoshoot, adding that he used to get teased by his classmates because they thought that my dream is impossible: “To all the dreamers out there, keep dreaming until you make it!”

Ugh, how does it feel to live our dreams?! We’re so happy for you, Naufal!