Malaysian Embassy Presents 'Bahtera Merdeka' Cruise: Jalur Gemilang on the Mekong

The Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia arranged a special river cruise named 'Bahtera Merdeka,' showcasing our national flag, the Jalur Gemilang.

This one-of-a-kind event captured the interest of both locals and tourists in Phnom Penh.

malaysian embassy presents 'bahtera merdeka' cruise: jalur gemilang on the mekongPhoto via BERNAMA

As a component of this year's National Day festivities for Malaysians living in Cambodia, the river cruise presented an impressive 18-meter-long Jalur Gemilang flag. Accompanied by patriotic tunes performed by a group of musicians, the cruise floated along the Mekong River.

The Embassy posted a video on Facebook, depicting the river cruise attended by numerous Malaysians residing in Cambodia and other guests from the nation. 

Despite heavy rain, attendees exhibited their support. The occasion also encompassed Malaysian cuisine, spirited chants of 'Merdeka,' and participants waving the Jalur Gemilang flag, according to reports from BERNAMA.

Malaysian Embassy treats guests to Bahtera Merdeka Cruise

As Malaysia gears up to celebrate Hari Merdeka or Independence Day on August 31, the Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia on Saturday organised a boat cruise party to honour those who have contributed to promoting bilateral relations between Cambodia and Malaysia.

Posted by Khmer Times on Monday, 21 August 2023

The Malaysian Ambassador to Cambodia, Datuk Eldeen Husaini Mohd Hashim, conceived the idea for this cruise while listening to the iconic Merdeka song 'Bahtera Merdeka.' 

The cruise utilized a two-tier boat with a capacity for 150 passengers, rented from Phnom Penh's Bopha Port.