M’sian Earns RM30,000 Per Month as "Rental Boyfriend" by Engaging in Conversations and Jalan-Jalan

A Malaysian sales executive has discovered an unconventional path to financial success, raking in a monthly income of RM30,000 by offering his services as a rental boyfriend. 

What initially began as a jest soon transformed into an unexpectedly profitable endeavor for the 23-year-old, who prefers to go by the pseudonym Raihan. He embarked on this unique journey alongside his twin brother, Maliq, adopting the alias to protect their real identities. 

Their venture, which commenced in June, has proven remarkably lucrative, amassing over RM52,000 in just two short months, as evidenced by a screenshot shared with mStar.

m’sian earns rm30,000 per month as rental boyfriend by engaging in conversations and jalan-jalanPhoto via Harian Metro

Raihan's rental boyfriend services encompass a wide array of offerings, including engaging in phone and video chats, all of which come with a price tag that can reach a staggering RM3,500 per hour. Remarkably, Raihan maintains the same rate for in-person meetings. His repertoire extends beyond mere companionship; he provides "advice and consultation" services, aids clients with assignments, and offers tutoring in Additional Mathematics, Sejarah, and English. For those seeking a dash of excitement, Raihan is even willing to deliver food to their workplace, enabling them to showcase their "flex" in front of friends. In a bid to provide a "healing" experience, he extends motorcycle rides to clients as well.

Importantly, Raihan is steadfast in his commitment to maintain the integrity of his services by excluding any form of sexual offerings, as he's determined not to bring shame to his family. His business is underpinned by the tagline 'Your Privacy, My Priority,' and he and Maliq go as far as offering a money-back guarantee to clients dissatisfied with their physical appearance.

Raihan describes himself as 168cm tall, weighing 68 kg, with fair skin, curly-straight hair, and a shoe size of UK 8.5. To promote his services on TikTok, he frequently posts shirtless photos and showcases screenshots of glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. Nevertheless, his unconventional venture has attracted its fair share of criticism from netizens who question the ethical and religious implications of his earnings.

The inspiration behind Raihan's journey into the world of rental boyfriends was a practical one—he sought to cover his expenses while studying at a private university. His monthly outlays, which total around RM7,000, reflect his penchant for a luxurious lifestyle and indulgent spending on food. Raihan's revelation came when he recognized his widespread appeal to strangers, both in person and online. 

m’sian earns rm30,000 per month as rental boyfriend by engaging in conversations and jalan-jalanPhoto via Harian Metro

He recounted, "This idea came out of the blue because I was studying at one of the most popular universities in the country. Anywhere I went, there were many admirers. 

At the same time, before creating TikTok videos, there were always people who wanted to connect with me. It's tiring to respond to all of them. I thought to myself: if someone is willing to pay RM1 for my contact details, and I received 8,000 requests... I could make money this way."