Malaysians Move Their Vehicles Quickly After Borneo Pygmy Elephant Herd Takes Over Sabah Road

The Borneo pygmy elephant, a unique species found in Sabah, Malaysia, is beloved by many for its smaller stature and gentle nature. These majestic creatures often capture our hearts as they roam the lush forests of Sabah.

malaysians move their vehicles quickly after borneo pygmy elephant herd takes over sabah roadPhoto via TikTok (@lurveiscinta)

A recent incident in the Maliau Basin of Sabah has sparked excitement among Malaysians. A local woman captured a remarkable sight on camera, sharing it on social media platforms, where it quickly gained attention and admiration.

In the captivating video posted by @lurveiscinta on TikTok, we witness the serene scene of a herd of pygmy elephants gracefully making their way along the Maliau Basin road. Their tranquil presence fills the air with a sense of wonder and awe.

However, the peaceful moment is momentarily interrupted when a tow truck halts on the road, prompting the elephants to hasten their pace. In response, two individuals and nearby vehicles swiftly move aside, ensuring a safe distance from the passing herd.

Thankfully, the situation soon returns to calmness as the elephants gracefully veer off the road and disappear into the dense jungle. Yet, this encounter serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of respecting wildlife and their natural habitat.

As Malaysians, it is our responsibility to cherish and protect our precious wildlife. When encountering wild animals, especially endangered species like the Borneo pygmy elephant, it is vital to maintain a respectful distance and refrain from disturbing their natural activities.


Maliau Basin drama 😭😭 Ya bah mmg kiuttt ba kamurang.. tapi.. jangan kasi takut2 kami bahhh elephant 😭😭😭😭 Suka betul blocked jalan.. siap bubut siurang lagi.. kasian ba tu uncle.. all of us pun in a survival mode.. nasib ako selaku driver tegar stay cool nda panic.. namun.. sengsara kita reverse turun bukit, ada luriii di belakang 😭😭

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In case of such encounters, it is essential to notify the relevant authorities promptly. By working together to preserve our natural heritage, we can ensure the continued survival of these magnificent creatures for generations to come. 

Let us commit to being responsible stewards of the environment, fostering harmony between humans and wildlife in Sabah.