M’sian Shares Detailed Expense Spreadsheet, Discloses RM4,610 Total Spending on GF A Year

A recent online post by an anonymous Malaysian man has stirred the curiosity of internet users. 

In his post, he openly shared that he meticulously maintained a detailed spreadsheet to track all the expenses incurred during a year of dating his girlfriend.

m’sian shares detailed expense spreadsheet, discloses rm4,610 total spending on gf a yearPhoto via Facebook (北方大学有趣分享)

Originally posted on the UUM Chinese Confession Facebook page, the revelation included a screenshot of the comprehensive spreadsheet, cataloging various expenses such as dinners, desserts, and leisure activities.

According to the man's meticulous records, the grand total for one year of dating reached RM4,610.

In his post, he further explained that he and his girlfriend typically enjoyed a weekly date involving dinner and dessert. His spreadsheet indicated that each dinner cost a minimum of RM60, with desserts averaging around RM40. Additionally, they engaged in monthly activities, like going to the movies, which incurred expenses of approximately RM60 each time.

Expenses naturally rose on special occasions and holidays they celebrate together. The man stressed that he was not the sole contributor to these costs, as his girlfriend also shared the financial burden and prepared gifts for him on significant occasions.

On average, the man's monthly spending on his girlfriend amounted to around RM280, with expenses potentially rising to RM530 during months with special occasions.

#UUMCCF109751 这是一个劝退帖,奉劝那些一直想脱单的人尤其是男生,一定一定要好好想清楚才开始 我大约算了我恋爱期间会开销多少钱,我们是刚开始不久,居家约会确实会省下一笔开销,可是以我们目前的关系还不适合去彼此的家,所以我们是一...

Posted by 北方大学有趣分享 on Monday, 23 October 2023

This candid disclosure sparked the curiosity of Malaysians, with numerous netizens tagging their own partners and comparing the man's expenses to their own experiences in the comments. Some playfully mused about adopting a similar expense-tracking method in the future.

One commenter jokingly notified their girlfriend that they would commence tracking expenses from the next month, while another pointed out that the man's total annual expenses for his girlfriend were roughly half of what they had spent on a 3-day-2-night trip.

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