M’sian Dental Student Receives Praise for Heartwarming Interaction with Little Boy

Habib, a dental student and member of the Faculty of Dentistry at Universiti Malaya (UM), recently shared a heartwarming glimpse into his life on his TikTok account @tomato_012, revealing the uplifting and positive side of the dental profession. 

One standout moment featured Habib performing a tooth extraction on a young boy.

m’sian dental student receives praise for heartwarming interaction with little boyPhoto via TikTok (@tomato_012)

Displaying genuine care and kindness, Habib's approach to interacting with the child during the procedure was both polite and graceful. Seeking the child's consent before administering any medication, providing guidance through challenging moments, and consistently checking for any signs of discomfort, Habib created a reassuring atmosphere. 

Remarkably, the child navigated the entire procedure with remarkable composure.

Following the successful extraction, the child expressed his gratitude by giving Habib a high five. 

To further brighten the young patient's experience, Habib presented a book of stickers, allowing him to choose his favorite. The chosen sticker was proudly placed on the boy's shirt as a reward for his bravery.

In a heartening gesture, Habib asked the child if he would like some ice cream…

Taking the young patient to a nearby convenience store, Habib provided the joy of choosing his preferred ice cream, offering a sweet reward for enduring the challenging dental visit.

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Habib's compassionate and considerate approach has garnered widespread praise from Malaysians. Many have commended him not only for his pleasant communication with the child but also for providing continuous encouragement throughout the entire process.

Reflecting on the heartwarming encounter, one user expressed, “If we had dentists like this, we’d all be okay when going for extractions.” 

This is the cutest thing ever!