M’sian Confronts Man With Family For Parking In Designated Ladies' Parking Area, But Was Ignored

In a recent incident that occurred on April 21, a Malaysian woman encountered a man who had parked in the ladies’ area at a mall in Cheras, KL. 

The woman politely approached the man and explained to him that the area was designated only for women's parking. However, the man did not roll down his window and simply pointed towards his wife who was in the car with him. 

m’sian confronts man with family for parking in designated ladies' parking area, but was ignored

He then proceeded to park in the ladies’ parking area and left with his family, leaving no space for women who traveled alone to park.

The woman took the matter to the mall's guards, but they were unable to take any action. She later shared her experience on Facebook and asked netizens for their opinion on the matter. 

Many Malaysians tend to overlook the issue of ladies’ parking, but the incident sparked a conversation online about the importance of this designated parking area.

Ladies’ parking is not a new concept in Malaysia. It is a designated area in parking lots that are solely reserved for women drivers, especially those who travel alone. The parking spaces are usually located close to the mall's entrance and are well-lit for the safety of women.

The need for ladies’ parking areas arises due to the alarming number of harassment and assault cases that occur in public spaces, including parking lots. 

m’sian confronts man with family for parking in designated ladies' parking area, but was ignored

Women are often targeted by criminals in dimly-lit areas or when they are alone, making them feel unsafe and vulnerable. The ladies’ parking area is an attempt to provide a safe and secure environment for women to park their cars, without the fear of being attacked or harassed.

However, many people tend to ignore the significance of ladies’ parking areas and park in them despite not being a woman or traveling alone.

This action not only leaves women without a safe place to park but also defeats the purpose of having designated parking areas for them.

So, this is WHY it's important to spread awareness about the importance of ladies’ parking areas and to respect their purpose. By doing so, we can ensure that women have a safe and secure environment to park their cars, giving them the confidence to carry out their daily activities without fear.