Malaysian Gives Cake and Gift to Helper, Celebrating Her Birthday for the First Time!

In a touching TikTok moment, Afzalizah Azizan, an entrepreneur and content creator, shared a video capturing her family's heartfelt celebration of their helper's birthday at a local restaurant. 

After a satisfying meal, they surprised their helper with a birthday cake, bringing tears of joy to her eyes.

malaysian gives cake and gift to helper, celebrating her birthday for the first time!Photo via TikTok (@afzalizahazizan)

Afzalizah revealed in the caption that this was the first time her helper had experienced a birthday celebration. The cake was adorned with the heartfelt message, "Happy Birthday Bibik," and as Afzalizah presented a birthday gift, the emotions overflowed.

Expressing gratitude, Afzalizah thanked her helper for not just being an employee but for caring for her children like family. 

The comments section echoed with shared stories of celebrating helpers' birthdays, and many praised Afzalizah for the warmth and thoughtfulness she brought to the celebration.


Menangis teresak-esak bibik dapat surprise 🥹🫂

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This heartwarming video is a reminder of the power of kindness and appreciation, transcending work relationships to create a genuine sense of family and connection.