Malaysian Boy Marches with Soldier Dad in Special Event, Aspires to Follow in His Footsteps

Recently, a heartwarming moment was captured by a Malaysian mother named Fasya Farahin. She shared a video on her TikTok account @fasyafarahin, showing her son, whom she affectionately calls Aish, marching alongside a group of soldiers during an army-related celebration.

malaysian boy marches with soldier dad in special event, aspires to follow in his footstepsPhoto via TikTok (@fasyafarahin)

In the video, young Aish stands just a few feet away from the soldiers, mimicking their march with remarkable precision. As he moves to the beat, matching his hand gestures and movements to those of the soldiers, an army soldier passing by gives him a thumbs up, encouraging him to join in with the rest of the group.

What makes this moment even more touching is that Aish's father, a member of the Malaysian Armed Forces, is among the soldiers performing. It's evident that Aish is not only inspired by the soldiers he admires but also by his own father.

In the caption of her post, Fasya shares Aish's words to his dad after the performance: "Daddy, when I’m older, I want to be a soldier just like you. Can I?" This simple yet profound statement reflects the deep admiration and aspiration that many children have for the people they look up to.

The video has sparked a wave of responses in the comments section, with many Malaysians sharing stories of their own family members who dreamed big as children and went on to pursue those dreams as full-time careers.

One user shared a touching anecdote about their younger brother, who used to play as a policeman or soldier near their house. Now, that same brother serves as part of the Royal Military Police Corps, turning his childhood dream into reality.



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These stories serve as a reminder of the powerful influence that role models can have on children and the importance of nurturing their dreams and aspirations. 

As Aish looks forward to his future, inspired by his father and the soldiers he admires, we wish him all the best on his journey ahead.