Malaysian Boy Celebrated His Birthday Alone Due To The Pandemic

It’s bad enough that we’re in the middle of this pandemic, but imagine being far away from all your family members on your birthday. That is another level of sadness…

Well, that is exactly the reality for this boy who had to celebrate his own birthday alone in the UK while his family is in Malaysia. 

Twitter user, @shalishhh shared on her account a video of her cousin, Amir Faris, who had to celebrate his birthday in the UK all by himself, 10,000 km away from his family.

Amir, in the TikTok video, explained (using text), that the UK was in lockdown and that all of his flatmates went home, leaving him alone 12 hours prior to his birthday. 

He then opted to celebrate his birthday by baking himself a cake and decorated his flat with some balloons and a birthday banner.

The video has since garnered over 200 thousand views! 

Of course, everyone on Twitter was quick to send him birthday wishes and reminding him to stay safe.

Whatever the situation is, we hope you had a great 21st birthday and may you see your family very soon! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat