Malaysian-Born Barrister Appointed The Queen’s Counsel!

This is a huge achievement!

Malaysian-born barrister, Ng Jern-Fei has been appointed a Queen’s Counsel, the highest rank that can be awarded to barristers, putting him in the top 10% of the United Kingdom’s 17,000 barristers. 

And at the age of 38-years-old, he is the youngest ro be appointed as a Queen’s Counsel. 

malaysian-born barrister appointed the queen’s counsel!Photo via NST

Ng, who is currently practicing at the Essex Court Chambers, one of the leading commercial sets of barristers chambers in England, grew up in Petaling Jaya and attended SMK La Salle, PJ until Form Five. 

He told NST: “I never imagined that someone with my background could one day end up practicing law in England, much less be appointed as Queen’s Counsel.

“However, I have been fortunate enough to have the support of my family, clients and colleagues over the years, without whom, none of this would have been possible,” he said. 

He added that Malaysia has, through its education system, been able to produce individuals who are able to compete with the world’s best on the global stage.

“Insofar as practice as an advocate is concerned, London is as big as it gets in the world and the fact that someone from a typically Malaysian background like me can harness the skills I have been taught at school in Malaysia in reaching the pinnacle of my chosen profession, is a testament to how far we have come as a nation,” he said. 

After graduation, he was constantly told to consider a career other than being a barrister.

Defying the naysayers, Ng went on to have a 15-year track record that has seen him win some of the toughest court cases and won some million-pound damages cases, has shown his determination and resilience in a world full of tough competition. 

Ng was quoted saying that the key ingredients to his success have been “determination, hard work and never letting the orthodox view hold you back”

What an inspiration to all Malaysians. Congratulations, Ng!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat