Malaysian Band Goes Viral In Italy Following YouTuber’s Reaction Video

malaysian band goes viral in italy following youtuber’s reaction video

Photo via YouTube

Local Tamil rock band, Darkkey and The Keys, is making waves in Italy, after Italian YouTuber, Mark The Hammer, posted a video of him reacting to some of their videos last month.

Mark commented on the music video for their song “Puli”, which is loosely about a tiger, but of course, since the song is in Tamil, Mark was mostly reacting to the band’s showmanship.

Now, before we get into further details, for those of you who don’t know, Darkkey and The Keys hails from Kuala Lipis, Pahang, and they’ve been around since the early 90s.

Founding member and frontman, Darkkey, had created his own genre called ‘sambarock’ when he started his career as a dancer, before starting The Keys with his brothers and cousin.

The band soon moved to Kuala Lumpur when they started work on their first album, Akkamage, released in 1996.

Darkkey and The Keys, of course, gained popularity in the Malaysian Indian music industry, and went on to release nine more albums over the span of their career.

Back to Mark’s reaction video, their song “Puli” starts off with the image of a tiger and their lead singer shouting the word 'puli' (tiger in Tamil) in a high-pitched tone, all while doing some Michael Jackson dance moves.

Mark pointed out how the song's guitar riff sounds like the soundtrack of the Nintendo game 'Doom'. 

But what’s interesting is since the video was posted on January 18th, Italians have also gone on to comment on the music video, with some even asking the band to perform in Italy!

We’re not sure if the members of Darkkey and The Keys have seen Mark’s reaction video yet, but they’ll probably be glad to know that their fanbase has now expanded!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob