M’sian Actress, Anna Jobling Slams Netizens For Calling Her Mother Her “Maid”

“How would you feel if someone disrespects your family?”

m’sian actress, anna jobling slams netizens for calling her mother her “maid”Photo via TikTok (@bobbaskyy2)

Guys, it’s never okay to judge someone’s look! There’s nothing wrong about working as a maid, but giving a label to someone just based on their looks is very demeaning and can be harmful!

Anna Jobling, a local actress, was furious after some internet users made comments about her mother on social media. A video of Anna and her mother recently went viral on TikTok, garnering over 1.6 million views and were swamped with comments of people calling her mother her “maid.”

“I thought that was her maid,” said one person, “How did her mother get a handsome husband?” asked another. 

That’s not nice!

@bobbaskyy2 mother is everything #annajobling ♬ THE SHADE - Rex Orange County

The actress was obviously upset by the comments and told reporters, “Why would you disrespect someone’s mom like that? For me, you disrespected my family.

“If you have a problem with me, just say it to my face, don’t drag my family into this because they don’t bother anyone. I told my mom about it and thank God, she doesn’t care. She is a very strong woman,” she said, as reported by Yahoo! News.

Guys, if you have nothing nice to say about someone, please don’t say anything!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat