Malaysian Actress Responds to Critics of Her Older Car with a Witty Retort: “Buy Me A Car!”

In the realm of the internet, individuals often find themselves eager to share their opinions, especially when it comes to public figures.

A recent incident involving Malaysian actress Jasmin Hamid highlights the need for kindness in online interactions.

malaysian actress responds to critics of her older car with a witty retort: “buy me a car!”Photo via Instagram (@jasminhamidjh)

Jasmin Hamid took to Instagram to share her excitement about her revived Proton Wira, affectionately named "Bobob," which had been dormant during the lockdown. She expressed her gratitude and joy, mentioning plans to go out for a cendol treat.

However, Jasmin revealed that whenever she takes Bobob for a spin, she encounters judgment from some people. They question why an artist like her is still driving an old Wira and even insinuate financial difficulties by asking if she's facing poverty.

Jasmin's response to these critics is both candid and thought-provoking. She wonders aloud why people harbor such judgment and why they find fault with her choice of an older vehicle. She emphasizes that she is perfectly content with her car and her life choices.

She goes on to mention the sentimental value attached to Bobob and, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, suggests that those who pass judgment should consider buying her a new car if they are so concerned. If not, she encourages them to refrain from making negative comments.

In this situation, it becomes clear that online kindness is of paramount importance. Rather than passing judgment on someone's personal choices or circumstances, a more compassionate approach would be to respect individual preferences and appreciate the sentimental value that certain possessions hold.


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Jasmin Hamid's experience serves as a reminder that the internet can be a platform for both positivity and negativity. 

Choosing kindness and empathy when engaging with others online is essential, as it contributes to a more supportive and understanding online community.