A Whiskered Skateboard Adventure: Malaysian Actor and Cat Duo Melt Hearts Online

Get ready for an enchanting story about Azhar Sulaiman, a charming Malaysian actor, and his furry pal, Benny. 

Azhar recently shared a TikTok video that combined his love for skating with his affection for his orange cat, Benny.

a whiskered skateboard adventure: malaysian actor and cat duo melt hearts onlinePhoto via TikTok (@theazharsulaiman)

In the video, Benny fearlessly rides on a skateboard alongside Azhar, showing off natural skateboarding skills. The room fills with Benny's meows and Azhar's singing, bringing joy and laughter to everyone who watches. It's impossible not to feel warm inside as you see this cute cat gracefully gliding on the skateboard.

Azhar and Benny happily skate around their home, creating precious moments of happiness together. But eventually, Benny decides to leave the skateboard, leaving Azhar a bit puzzled. Curiously, Azhar asks Benny, "Why are you angry with me?" Their playful interaction makes it seem like they're having a lively discussion about their exciting skateboarding adventure.

Just when you think you've seen it all, Benny surprises us with an adorable paw strike at Azhar. Benny's mischievous eyes and funny retaliation make us wonder why the sudden burst of feline fury occurred. Maybe Benny wants to show his independence or simply demands a treat for being such an enthusiastic participant in the skateboarding fun.

People watching the video can't help but laugh and share relatable stories in the comments. They understand the joy of letting loose, even when the kids are away. 

One comment perfectly captures the sentiment, saying, "This is how a dad acts at home when his kids are not around."


What actually happened. My cat tak rosak…

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The video has become a delightful topic of conversation, spreading happiness and smiles to all who see it.

Azhar and Benny's heartwarming bond reminds us of the beautiful connections we can have with our furry friends, bringing magic and laughter into our lives.