Malaysian Man Who Is Turning 70 Celebrates His 356th And Last Blood Donation!

Imagine how many lives he has saved just by donating some of his blood! 

A 70-year-old Malaysian was recently reported to have donated blood for the 356th and last time!

malaysian man who is turning 70 celebrates his 356th and last blood donation at pusat darah negara!Photo via Facebook (Pusat Darah Negara Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia)

"Today is the 356th and last blood donation for Mr. Lum Kien Seng with the National Blood Centre," the National Blood Centre wrote in a Facebook post.

The National Blood Center staff members expressed their joy at joining him in celebrating the special day as he turned 70.

"Lum began regularly giving blood in 1988 and has donated via apheresis ever since 2000. He always keeps an eye on his health to make sure he is qualified and in good health to donate blood.”

The staff at the National Blood Center expressed their deepest gratitude and appreciation to Lum for his selfless sacrifice in fulfilling this social responsibility.

"May Lum's last blood donation and his 70th birthday celebration serve as a lovely memory for him and as an example to the younger generation to lead healthy lives and to serve as blood heroes until they reach the golden years."

Pendermaan darah terakhir! Hari ini merupakan pendermaan darah kali ke 356 dan terakhir bagi Encik Lum Kien Seng...

Posted by Pusat Darah Negara Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia on Thursday, 1 December 2022

This man is truly a hero! Thank you so much Mr. Lum for your sacrifice and very selfless act!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat