Malaysia’s Famous Mat Salleh Celebrity Rys William Tests Positive For COVID-19

Malaysia’s famous mat salleh celebrity, Rys William, who is well-known for making makan-makan videos online confirmed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and also dengue fever.

He shared the news with his followers on Instagram.

malaysia’s famous mat salleh celebrity rys william tests positive for covid-19Photo via Astro AWANI

What’s sadder is that both his wife and son also tested positive for the deadly virus.

“Positive COVID and positive dengue. Since last week, my family and I have been confirmed positive with COVID-19. But fortunately, my wife and son only have a few symptoms and are well enough to quarantine at home.

“However, my symptoms are worse, I am currently a Category-3, symptomatic with pneumonia in the lungs. The doctor has advised me to seek treatment at a hospital. I am also positive for dengue fever,” he wrote. 

Rys also apologised to his followers if he’s ever said or done anything that could have hurt anyone unintentionally and asked for his followers to pray for his and his family’s health. 

Ending his post, he reminded all his followers to stay at home and to take care of their health, “COVID-19 is real, guys,” he said. 


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Rys William from the United Kingdom has long settled in Malaysia and is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, which gained a lot of attention through his viral videos on YouTube, as well as his own makan-makan show on Astro Naura! 

We hope that Rys and his family are well. Get well soon, Rys!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat