Malaysia Now Has Its Own ‘Mount Rushmore’

Looks awesome!

Kuala Terengganu City Council (MBKT) recently unveiled a mural portrait of Malaysia’s seven prime ministers. The wall art is featured on a building that houses the Tunku Abdul Rahman Hall.

malaysia now has its own ‘mount rushmore’Photo via Instagram (@discoveryterengganu)

According to The Star, the mural reportedly costs RM30,000 and is part of the council’s project to beautify the city’s oldest building and turn it into a tourist attraction.

The 250-sqft mural was done by four local artists from the Red Rebel Art Squad — 34-year-old Raja Badruddin Hakim Shah Raja Kamarul Bahrin, 37-year-old Wan Ansri Nizam Wan Ismail, 40-year-old Zulkarnain Abd Latif, and 30-year-old Mohd Fahmi Abdullah Sani.

Artist, Raja Badruddin (popularly known as Ku Bad) said it took the group almost one month to complete the project which they started on January 9 and completed it on February 4. 

malaysia now has its own ‘mount rushmore’Photo via The Borneo Post 

“I regard this project as similar to that of the one at Mount Rushmore because the aim is the same, which is to create the face of the nation’s number one leaders. The difference is just in terms of the medium and method of doing it.”

“At Mount Rushmore, the sculptures of the face of the four US presidents were created by carving and chiseling, while we drew using brush and quality paint, the faces of the seven prime ministers of Malaysia,” he said.

The mural of the seven prime ministers is said to be the first in Malaysia.

So if you’re in Terengganu, don’t forget to check it out! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat