Malaysia's Apam Balik Takes 35th Place Among World's Best Pancakes, French Crêpes Claim Top Spot!

In February 2024, Taste Atlas gave a nod to our very own Malaysian Apam Balik, ranking it among the top 50 pancakes worldwide. Landing at the 35th spot, Apam Balik proudly represents Malaysia's flavorful culinary landscape on the global stage.

malaysia's apam balik takes 35th place among world's best pancakes, french crêpes claim top spot!Photo via AB Mauri Malaysia

Known as Martabak Manis to some, Apam Balik isn't just a local favourite; it's cherished in neighbouring countries like Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia too. 

Whether you prefer it thin or thick, this delightful treat never fails to tantalise taste buds with its unique blend of flavours and textures.

While fans of Crêpes may celebrate the French classic topping the list, Apam Balik holds its own as a beloved Malaysian staple. With just flour, eggs, milk, and butter, you can whip up this delectable delight at home, frying it to perfection for a satisfying snack.

Just ahead of Apam Balik at the 34th spot is Korea's Pajeon, or green onion pancake, showcasing the global diversity of pancake varieties. 

Meanwhile, the Czech's Livance takes the 36th spot, offering a distinct flavour with a hint of lemon zest.

The recognition of Apam Balik on the world stage prompts us to ponder: does it truly deserve its 35th ranking, or should it soar even higher? 

As Malaysians, we take pride in our rich culinary heritage, and the global acclaim for Apam Balik is a testament to the remarkable flavours our country has to offer.