Malay Aunty Selling Char Kwai Went Viral For Speaking Fluent Cantonese With Her Customers!

This Malay aunty’s Cantonese is so impressive! 

Recently, a woman, who is known as Maznah went viral on TikTok while serving her customers at her stall.

malay aunty selling char kwai went viral for speaking fluent cantonese with her customers!Photo via TikTok (@shinichikeesoon)

In the video, Maznah can be seen selling deep-fried char kwai, or cakoi while conversing with some of her customers in Cantonese, and yes, it’s very impressive! 

Netizens in the comment section praised and admired her for her excellent Cantonese and politeness, “Makcik speaks so much better than me. Awesome attitude and down to earth character,” read the comments.

Some even shared their own experience having friends from a different race and would learn about each other’s language and culture saying: “This is what being a Malaysian is all about!”

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There are some who were also curious about how she was able to learn to make the perfect char kwai AND speak Cantonese. 

Amazing! Keep up the good work, Aunty Maznah!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat