M’sians Praise Kedai Runcit Staffs For Giving Shelter To Stray Dog During Thunderstorm

Aww, the poor doggo must be so scared of the thunder and rain! 

If we don’t take care of our strays, then who will? 

These cats and dogs don’t only live a hard life, but they rarely survive for long on their own. They could die of literally anything… disease, poisoning, abuse, starvation, killed by cars, killed by other animals and so on.

m’sians praise kedai runcit staffs for giving shelter to stray dog during thunderstormPhoto via Twitter (@nabilfikran10)

So, it’s not that hard to show kindness and compassion towards these lovely and sweet creatures.

Recently, a photo went viral of a convenience store staff giving shelter to a homeless dog because it was raining heavily.

The user, who saw the dog sleeping on a bag of dog food, shared the heartwarming scene on his Facebook page, stating that he stumbled upon the dog hiding in one of the shelves while he was getting his groceries. 

One of the staff said that the loud thunder scared him, so he came into the store to hide and take shelter. It’s also not his first time visiting the store as well!

“Whenever it’s raining heavily, he always comes in to hide. I feel sorry for him,” said the staff. 

Malaysians, of course, couldn’t resist its cuteness, and praised the staff for their compassion, “I pray for those who are kind to stray animals to enter the highest level of paradise (heaven),” said Nabil who shared the post on his Twitter. 

One person also commented: “How smart! He knows to sleep on top of the dog food because whoever buys dog food are the ones who are allowed to touch them.”

While another person said: “I salute the workers! Helping stray animals is great, regardless if it’s a dog or a cat.”

We totally agree! Strays, too, deserve to have a good life so it’s our job to make sure that they are okay…  

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat