M’sian Woman Pretends To Take TikTok Video After She Realised That She Was Being Followed

Celebrities aren’t the only people who deal with stalkers!

Recently, a Malaysian woman was walking alone in a residential area when she realized that a few guys were stalking her, which is when she decided to raise her phone up to make a TikTok video while recording her face and her background.

m’sian woman pretends to take tiktok video after she realised that she was being followedPhoto via TikTok (Phichzy10)

The woman known as Phichzy10 shared the 60-seconds video on her TikTok claiming that she was being followed. 

Her caption reads: “These people were following me and I’m terrified. I am pretending to take a video to try and capture their faces.”

The video also shows the woman glancing to the side and trying to act as normal as she could while attempting to record her surroundings. 

A person dressed in yellow can be seen standing a few meters behind her while another person was also caught on camera standing further behind along the corridor. Pretty sus if you asked us!

The video has since garnered over 3 million views 

Those who commented expressed their concern and asked if the woman was okay. She replied saying that she managed to call her boyfriend and was safe at his house. 

She also reminded other girls to be vigilant when they are out alone. 

m’sian woman pretends to take tiktok video after she realised that she was being followed

Being followed by a group of men when you’re all by yourself can be very terrifying, so if you’re suspicious that someone is following you, remember to stay calm, go to a place where there are people, and take out your phone to call the police ASAP! 

You also need to pay very close attention to the people following you and try to turn away from your destination and then double back, because people make wrong turns all the time but it’s rare for two people to make the same wrong turn at the same time. 

Please stay safe, ladies!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat