M’sian Man Reunited With His Doggos After 486 Days Of Being Away From Home

Not gonna lie, tears were spilled!

The distance between Singapore’s Woodlands Checkpoint and Malaysia’s Bangunan Sultan Iskandar is only 2.4 kilometers away, but due to the travel restrictions that were placed in order to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Malaysians and Singaporeans have been separated for over two years.

m’sian man reunited with his doggos after 486 days of being away from homePhoto via TikTok (@paandichelsea)

However recently, Malaysia finally opened its international borders and families are taking this time to come home after two years of being away from their loved ones.

Paandi Chelsea, one of those returning home from Singapore, shared his experience with his beloved doggos, Simba and Nala, who greeted him like any other dog would - with so much love!

In the video, Paandi can be seen standing outside the gate while one of the dogs ran and greeted him at the gate. The other dog can also be seen jumping around excited in his cage before being released to greet his owner.

Both the dogs were so happy to reunite with their long-time best friend, they jumped onto Paandi, where he then lies on the ground so that the dogs can roll all over him excitedly. 

@paandichelsea Finally after 486 days….. I meet my babies Simba and Nala🥰😭☹️#goldenretriever #lehlusimbanala #singaporelockdownparithapangal #doglover #simba #Nala ♬ original sound - 🔵Paandi Chelsea🔵

His caption reads: “Finally after 486 days… I am reunited with my babies, Simba and Nala.”

What a wholesome video! Dogs really are a man’s best friend!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat