M’sian Takes Kind Boss For Granted, Fired For Always Being Late To Work

Missed work means missed productivity and constantly 5 to 15 minutes late is always a bad sign.

A Facebook post that recently went viral shows screenshots of a chat of an employee who has been taking his boss’ kindness for granted.

m’sian takes kind boss for granted, fired for always being late to workPhoto via Facebook (Abang Just Sebarkan)

The employee has apparently been “ kicked out” of their group chat by the manager after repeatedly going MIA and being late for work.

In the message, the employee asked their boss whether they had to work on a holiday, to which the manager replied that they would conduct business as usual as they are not an office, “This is a carwash, not a government office.”

He then left his boss on ‘read’ and when the boss messaged him again, he remained silent in the groupchat. He then replied to his boss only AFTER his boss had removed him from the group chat. 


In another screenshot, the man is seen texting his boss saying that he was on his way to work while inquiring as to why he had been removed from the group chat. He even begged for his job back, explaining that he had overslept.

He even explained that he truly needed the job because his mother is also having some problems. 

“Look at your punch card. I don’t want to keep calling and asking where you are,” said the boss.

patut pon kena buang😅

Posted by Abang Just Sebarkan on Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Malaysians took to the comment section in support of the manager, “Waking up late every day is an attitude problem. He SHOULD be fired.”

What do you guys think of this?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat