M’sian Driver Fined For Using His Phone To Record An Accident While Driving

Using your phone while driving is dangerous!

m’sian driver fined for using his phone to record an accident while drivingPhoto via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

Some people get easily distracted and “excited” when they drive by an accident scene, that they would slow down their car to watch or record the incident using their phones.

This one driver couldn’t keep his curiosity in check and decided to take out his mobile phone to film the situation. 

In the video that was shared by the Facebook page, Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS, the man can be seen slowing down his car to get a better shot of the accident. 

Main Handphone, Saman Terus

Main Handphone, Saman Terus

Posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

While busy recording the accident scene, the man probably didn’t realise that the roads were manned by traffic police, and seconds after putting down his phone, one of the police officers can be heard saying, “Fine him! He is playing with his phone.”

The 22-second video has since gained over 5,000 reactions and comments from netizens.

Looks like curiosity got the better of him! Don’t play with your phone while driving, guys. Be safe on the road. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat