Look At How Impressive This Young Boy’s Coding Skills Are!

At 10 years old, we were probably playing tag with our friends or figuring out the multiplication tables, but not this kid. He just learnt a programming hack on Youtube!

A mother recently posted a video that went viral, of her son showing her how he changed the offline Google Chrome Dinosaur into Sonic the hedgehog.

The 43-second video showed the young boy explaining step by step how to edit the codes to the original game like a true programmer. In the end, he managed to turn the boring black and white dinosaur character to a coloured Sonic the hedgehog character with different facial features!

The tweet has since gone viral with more than 21 thousand retweets mainly from netizens who were impressed at how skilled the boy is in coding at such a young age, no less!

The mother, Sue Anna Joe, thanked netizens for praising her son but also clarified that her son merely followed a YouTube video. Nevertheless, it was still impressive to many who, likely at 10 years old, might not have even heard of the word coding!

Sue Anna Joe hopes that her son’s passion and interest in the subject will be of use to him when he gets older.

In the meantime, we hope Malaysia is ready for this brilliant young boy to be our future leader when he grows up!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya