Local Influencer Spends RM12,000 on Omakase for Birthday Dinner, Left Disappointed with the Food!

When you have the financial means, treating yourself to something that brings you joy is a rightful indulgence. Whether it's extravagant dining experiences that make your birthday extra special, it's perfectly acceptable to go all out, even if it results in a substantial bill.

However, what happens when the lavish expenditure doesn't match the dining delight you anticipated? 

local influencer spends rm12,000 on omakase for birthday dinner, left disappointed with the food!Photo via Instagram (Qiu Wen)

Malaysian influencer Qiuwen recently shared her rather disappointing Omakase dining experience at a Japanese restaurant, despite the significant cost involved. Her candid account of the evening unfolded through a series of Instagram stories, leaving no room for ambiguity about her feelings.

"My birthday is ruined, thanks to the worst Omakase I've ever had," she declared.

Qiuwen commenced her critique by sharing an image of a handroll, which she described as lacking in sincerity, noting that the carrot strips were both raw and unpalatable.

She then turned her attention to a plate of tofu, which she found to be unimpressive and challenging to consume due to its blandness.

Qiuwen expressed her dismay, saying, "I was so excited to try out Japanese gourmet food, but I was left deeply disappointed. With a party of 12, the bill amounted to at least RM10,000."

Her discontent with the dining experience extended to other dishes, including the dessert, a regrettable trend she was not accustomed to. "The Omakase I've enjoyed in the past was meticulously prepared, leaving no room for disappointment. Regrettably, I could only manage a few bites of some of the dishes, with my boyfriend assisting in finishing the rest."

local influencer spends rm12,000 on omakase for birthday dinner, left disappointed with the food!Photo via Instagram (Qiu Wen)

It's not unusual to encounter a dish or two that doesn't align with your palate at a restaurant. Usually, there's something that appeals to your taste…

However, being dissatisfied with every single item served can be profoundly disheartening, especially when the price tag is far from modest. Adding to her disappointment, Qiuwen also remarked that the chef's demeanor was less than friendly and attentive.

The burning question remains: just how much did Qiuwen shell out for her Omakase birthday dinner?

Well, if you must know… It’s RM12,659.10!