Local Eatery Introduces Robots To Serve Food As A COVID-19 Counter-Measure!

Main image via MalayMail

local eatery introduces robots to serve food as a covid-19 counter-measure!

We Malaysians love our nasi kandar. Now imagine your favourite “kari campur, ayam goreng, sayur” goodness being served by a robot! Cool, right? 

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar is introducing robot servers as a measure to maintain contactless service. 

The robots are programmed to send food and drinks to up to three tables at one go. The franchise’s managing director, Burhan Mohamed said that they introduced these servers in March this year and that it has indeed proven to be convenient. 


After testing its effectiveness, they’ve ordered another techman for another outlet. Four more robots are expected to arrive in mid April this year. 

Like what people say, nothing comes without setbacks. The challenge with the robot is that they take up space and not all outlets have enough walking space for these machines. Hence, they wouldn’t be able to have the robots’ service during peak hours so as not to interrupt customers and other food servers. 

They’ll have to figure out the table arrangements in some outlets to ensure there’s enough space for all, but we’re just excited over this news! 

The service is currently available at their SS2 and Citta Mall outlets and has been receiving positive feedback from customers! 

Have you tried it yet? Don’t forget to follow SOPs, okay? 


By Piravina Ragunathan