Level Up Your ‘Ask Permission From Your Parents’ Game With Powerpoint

If you ever lived with strict parents, we’re sure you’re all too familiar with this scenario!

A very amused sister posted a video of her brother asking permission to go on a trip with his friends, which has since gone viral. What struck Twitterverse the most though, was the length this boy went through to make his trip happen!

In the video, Muaz is shown all decked out in his blazer, explaining to his parents via powerpoint the pros and cons of him going on a trip to Penang with his friends. Some pros include; a good experience for all, help hone event planning skills, instils discipline and responsibility and the strengthening of brotherhood before ascending to the adult world.

We don’t know about his parents, but we’re convinced already!

Muaz was also heard explaining that he and his friends will move in a group for safety and avoid going out at nights. (We stan a responsible teenager!)

Another video posted by his sister, Latisya, showed Muaz all perplexed after his mother questioned him for praying in the dorm (all muslim boarding school students can relate). Complete with an illustration on his powerpoint presentation, Muaz was quick to defend that they will be praying in the designated praying facilities while on the trip.

Many applauded the extraordinary effort taken by Muaz:

Muaz’s story also inspired other traumatised people to reminisce their time asking permission from their strict parents:

One Twitter user had to do a presentation every time she wanted to go out and somehow flags were involved:

… while another user had to come up with a proposal format email inclusive of budget plans!

In which her dad later replied:

We definitely can relate to some of the struggles they had to go through but we’re sure our parents were reasonable to let us go in the end, as with Muaz’s parents, who gave him permission to go on his trip with his friends to Penang.

Thank you for setting the bar high for all of us, and have fun on your trip Muaz!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya