Late-Night Food Delivery Theft in Singapore: CCTV Captures Young Teenage Boy!

In a rather frustrating and unusual turn of events, a woman experienced the theft of her late-night food delivery not once, but twice, allegedly by the same mysterious thief.

Eyna Ariffin, the victim of this perplexing food caper, turned to social media to vent her frustrations and seek the public's help in identifying the culprit.

late-night food delivery theft in singapore: cctv captures young teenage boy!Photo via Facebook

The most recent incident took place in the early hours of October 26 when Eyna ordered from Burger Geprek at Woodlands North Plaza. Her meal arrived at her doorstep at 3:24 am, and the shocking part is that a photo taken by the food delivery rider showed the meal securely hanging from a hook on her front gate. However, Eyna never got to savour her meal, as it was snatched shortly after the delivery.

A piece of CCTV footage, shared alongside Eyna's social media posts, revealed a teenage boy standing in front of her door, who then casually walked away at 3:32 am. 

Eyna Ariffin further disclosed that this was not the first time her food had mysteriously disappeared. A previous delivery order, placed on September 22, had also gone missing, and she suspects the same teenager was responsible for both thefts.

Eyna expressed her disbelief, saying, "I have never had my food stolen for the whole time Grab food delivery has been alive. I've forgotten to even take my food once for the whole night, and it was still there," highlighting the unusual nature of these thefts that only began in September.

late-night food delivery theft in singapore: cctv captures young teenage boy!Photo via Facebook

The combined cost of the stolen orders amounted to nearly S$50, which understandably left Eyna quite upset. She turned to social media, asking the public, "I want to find the parents. Whose child is this?" Her hunger and disappointment were palpable as she shared, "I still cannot accept it. Until now, I haven't eaten. I'm very upset I didn't get to eat what I wanted yesterday."

Taking the matter seriously, Eyna filed a police report, and her social media plea garnered significant attention and support from concerned netizens.

One commenter emphasised the seriousness of the act, noting, "Not a kid anymore, grown man. Should know it is wrong to steal. Wrong from the start! Food is a big no to mess with. Glad that you had the camera installed."