Heartbreaking! Batang Kali Landslide Victim Found Hugging His Dog Under The Mud

An elderly man, who happens to be one of the landslide victims, was found hugging his dog under the mud. He was the 26th victim to be found by rescuers. 

Sin Chew Daily has since identified the man as 67-years-old Huang Cai De. 

heartbreaking! batang kali landslide victim found hugging his dog under the mudPhoto via Sin Chew Daily

His body was discovered at a depth of 1.5 meters, while tightly hugging one of his dogs with another dog standing right beside him.

It is said that the dog owner, who was camping nearby with three of his dogs, was wearing a blue jacket at the time of the landslide. One dog is still missing. 

According to reports, the man was a former coach who was semi-retired when the tragedy struck. On his social media pages, the man claimed to love being outside and there were many photos of him and his dogs. 

This is heartbreaking!

Our condolences go out to the man’s family and everyone affected by the tragedy.