Kwon Eun Bi Reveals Heartwarming Reason for Paying for Her Brother's Wedding

K-pop star Kwon Eun Bi recently opened up about covering the entire cost of her brother's wedding, a touching gesture that reflected her close bond with her family. The singer shared her story during a candid chat on entertainer Jung Hyung Don's YouTube show.

The conversation began with a nod to Kwon Eun Bi's rapid rise in popularity, thanks to a headline-grabbing performance at 'WATER BOMB SEOUL 2023.’ 

kwon eun bi reveals heartwarming reason for paying for her brother's weddingPhoto via Instagram

Host Jung Hyung Don asked if her life had changed after the festival…

Kwon Eun Bi replied, "My world flipped upside down. I didn't expect this level of attention, but it’s been non-stop since then." Despite her newfound fame, she admitted that the focus on her appearance had brought some stress. "It's hard when people only talk about how I look. I wish they'd notice my music and performances more," she confessed.

The singer also spoke about her struggles as a trainee. She worked part-time at an internet café to help cover her expenses, a job she kept secret from everyone. "I was 24 and still relying on my parents. It didn't feel right, so I took on extra work to cover my food costs," Kwon Eun Bi explained.

In K-pop, debuting at 24 is considered quite late, and Kwon Eun Bi felt the pressure. "I told myself I’d quit if I didn’t debut by 25. Luckily, I made it just in time," she recalled.

The conversation then turned to her family’s reaction to her success. Kwon Eun Bi revealed that her parents, who were once against her career choice, had a change of heart. "They were not happy about me becoming a singer, but now they’re thrilled," she said with a smile.

To express her gratitude, Kwon Eun Bi decided to cover the cost of her brother's wedding. This act of generosity showed just how much she valued her family and their support throughout her journey.

In the world of K-pop, where the spotlight can be intense, Kwon Eun Bi's story is a reminder that success isn't just about fame—it’s about the relationships and connections that keep us grounded. 

Her gesture to her brother was more than just a gift; it was a symbol of her appreciation for the people who stood by her through thick and thin.