KTM Berhad’s Guide To Travelling During The MCO

We’re sure some of us are dying to hop on a train and travel to anywhere during this Movement Control Order (MCO). While the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) has reduced the frequency of its train services during this period, that doesn’t stop them from giving Malaysians travel tips while being quarantined.

Shared on its official Facebook page, KTMB suggested a few stations that might just be too familiar for all of us who’ve been cooped at home for more than a month now…

“Which stations do you always visit during the movement control order period? I bet it’s the Kitchen station,” KTMB wrote in the caption.

It’s no wonder that there are two stops for the kitchen in KTMB’s new “Stay At Home” route map!

The post has gone viral, as it received more than 1.6K shares on Facebook, inviting netizens to share their favorite stations at home.

ktm berhad’s guide to travelling during the mco

Photo: Facebook KTM Berhad

ktm berhad’s guide to travelling during the mcoPhoto: Facebook KTM Berhad

But that’s not the only humorous post KTMB has shared, as the administrators had also come up with many engaging posts that invite users to have a little fun while they’re stuck at home.

From crossword puzzles

Fill in the blanks

To even imagining which dream hunk will catch a train ride with us after the MCO is over…

Thanks, KTMB for keeping Malaysians entertained!