Korean Celebrities' Food Adventure in KL: Surprised by the Height of Our Roti Tisu!

Five South Korean celebrities recently embarked on a delightful culinary journey through the bustling streets of Bukit Bintang, eager to discover the diverse flavours of Malaysia!

korean celebrities' food adventure in kl: surprised by the height of our roti tisu!Photo via YouTube (채널S)

Upon arriving in Bukit Bintang, led by the cheerful comedian Kim Jun-ho, the group wasted no time in searching for the perfect spot to indulge in some authentic Malaysian fare. Their quest led them to a bustling mamak restaurant, where they were warmly greeted by the friendly waiter.

Excited to explore the local cuisine, they eagerly asked the waiter for recommendations, hoping to savour the best flavours Malaysia had to offer. Without hesitation, the waiter suggested they try the iconic Malaysian treat, roti tisu—a beloved delicacy known for its unique taste and impressive presentation.

Intrigued by the suggestion, Kim Jun-ho fearlessly ordered five servings of the famous roti tisu for himself and his companions. Little did they know what awaited them as they eagerly awaited their order…

Despite their initial surprise at the size of the roti tisu, the group embraced the challenge with laughter. They carefully broke off pieces of the roti tisu and savoured each bite!

The group also had the opportunity to sample other Malaysian foods, including tom yum soup and nasi goreng.

“Even Malaysians share their roti tisu!” one netizen commented. 

What a journey it was for the five celebrities! A true celebration of Malaysia's vibrant culture and its delicious cuisine.