Penang Kopitiam Imposes RM2 Fee for Each Table Without Individual Drink Orders

An image purportedly depicting a Kopitiam in Penang has recently stirred up a storm on social media platforms after being shared within a Facebook group.

The focal point of contention? A notice plastered on the wall of the establishment stating that each table would incur an additional RM2 charge if they failed to order any individual drinks.

The individual who initially shared the image provided scant details beyond its alleged location in Penang. However, the mere existence of such a policy ignited a flurry of reactions from netizens online.

penang kopitiam imposes rm2 fee for each table without individual drink ordersPhoto via Makan Guru

Many expressed disdain towards the idea of charging customers for items they hadn't actually ordered. Some went so far as to liken the practice to extortion, with one user bluntly stating, "You might as well rob someone else." Calls for intervention from the Penang government were fervent among commentators, highlighting a desire for regulatory action to rectify what they perceived as an unjust policy.

The sentiment of disapproval was amplified by remarks suggesting that the Kopitiam's reputation was at stake, with one commenter opining, "Honestly, they make themselves look like beggars." Concerns were also raised regarding the potential ripple effects on neighbouring vendors within the vicinity. 

Speculation circulated that if patrons abstained from ordering drinks to avoid the extra charge, the Kopitiam's revenue might dwindle, potentially prompting the owner to compensate by raising rental fees for other businesses sharing the space.

Amidst the discourse, some attempted to rationalise the policy, positing that the RM2 charge might be targeted towards tourist groups who opt to share drinks but occupy tables in high-traffic areas. Nevertheless, the prevailing sentiment among netizens remained one of disapproval and indignation towards what they perceived as an unreasonable and exploitative practice.

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