“Tastes Like Chicken!” This Stall In KL Sells Monitor Lizard Curry Claypot Rice

Would you try this?

A hawker stall in KL has recently gained attention for serving biawak claypot curry rice. Yes, biawak as in the giant monitor lizard!

“tastes like chicken!” this stall in kl sells monitor lizard curry claypot ricePhoto via Facebook (KL Foodie)

According to Asia One, Sattisorru Loke Yew is famous for their wok fried rice, and its curry menu apparently includes exotic meats such as monitor lizard and wild boar alongside more common types of meats like chicken and mutton. 

“The monitor lizards used are tree lizards that eat leaves and fruits only, making it safe for human consumption.”

Malaysians, however, question whether the meat is legal as one pointed out that monitor lizards are “a protected animal unless approved” by local authorities.

According to the Malaysian Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, the Varanus Salvator (Asian water monitor) is a protected species, but they may be harvested under the Wildlife Conservation Act “if subjected to strict regulations.”

This hawker stall in KL serves Monitor Lizard (biawak) Claypot Curry Rice 😱 They are known for their sattisorru, aka...

Posted by KL Foodie on Thursday, 18 August 2022

Meanwhile, other monitor lizards such as the tree-dwelling clouded monitor ARE protected under the Malaysian law due to the demand for their meat. It is also unsure which species the hawker stall is using for their curry.

There are also others who are concerned about the health implications of eating the animal, while some don’t mind it even saying that: “It tastes like chicken!”

What do you guys think of this?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat