Hilarious! KISS OF LIFE Reacts to Fan Joining Video Call Fansign From The Most "Unexpected" Place

A fansign event is a cherished occasion where fans get the chance to interact with their favourite idols, usually through in-person signings or video calls. These events allow fans to express their admiration directly and create memorable experiences with their idols.

In one such fansign event, a fan's unexpected location choice for a video call with the group KISS OF LIFE sparked some entertaining reactions from the idols. 

hilarious! kiss of life reacts to fan joining video call fansign from the most unexpected placePhoto via Threads (@jennywang5261)

The fan initially misunderstood the schedule, thinking the fansign was at night. This mistake left her unprepared and without her passport when the call time arrived.

"I thought the fansign was at night. I didn’t look at the time closely and didn’t have my passport with me," the fan explained. "I told the staff I only had a photo of my passport and kept begging them. They initially refused and hung up, but then called back, questioned me on my personal details, and eventually allowed the video call."

After resolving the passport issue, the fan faced another dilemma: finding a private spot at her school to take the call. She ended up choosing the washroom as her makeshift studio.

The first member she connected with was Natty. "As soon as the call connected, I ran to the washroom. Natty was shocked and asked if I was running. I explained that I had to run to the washroom. 

“She kept telling me to be careful and to walk slowly. She was so kind."

By the time she spoke with the second member, Julie, the fan had settled into the washroom. "The toilet was visible in the background during my call with Julie. I got her to guess where I was and told her what happened. She sincerely thanked me for going through all that trouble to see her. 

“I apologised for not preparing anything as I had an exam the next day, but Julie reassured me it was okay and I didn’t need to prepare anything to see her. Her words really touched me."

Next up was Belle, and the fan didn't shy away from showing her surroundings. "When I told Belle what happened, she kept saying she loved me and thanked me for coming to see her. Her shocked expression was adorable. She wished me happiness in school. She was so cute and kind. I want to marry her! I love Belle..."

Finally, the fan spoke with Haneul. "Baby Haneul was shocked but tried to control her expression, which was super cute. I told her what I had to go through, and she kept saying she loved me and cheered me on for my exam the next day. Her encouragement filled me with energy."

This fansign event turned into an unforgettable experience for the fan, marked by the unique setting and the heartfelt reactions from the idols.