The King! Man Extreme Drifts With This Local Car Impresses Netizens

Unquestionably, all road users in Malaysia are well-acquainted with the persistent issues caused by the infamous "King of The Road."

the king! man extreme drifts with this local car impresses netizensPhoto via TikTok (@bawaubabob)

Recently, a TikTok video gained substantial attention as it featured the King executing a daring maneuver known as the "2-step."

In the video, a skilled drifter could be seen adeptly handling the vehicle with just two tires on the right side, all while being recorded by a passenger seated beside them.

Despite the inherent risks of such a stunt, they prioritized safety by wearing a helmet.

"One spends six months with the left tire, six months with the right. It's a money-saving tip," commented one netizen.

As this TikTok video went viral, it accumulated an impressive 961K views, 56.4K likes, and 1.3K comments.

@bawaubabob Xhabis2 buat hal laa myvi ni!! #myviking #myvikingofhighways #myvibuathalapaharini #apdcrewcircuit ♬ original sound - Bawauba Bob

Upon exploring the comments section, it's clear that the video has elicited a wide range of reactions from TikTok users.