Kind Worker Help Singaporean Woman Retrieve Her AirPod That She Dropped In A Drain

When we walk near a drain, most of us have the anxiety of dropping something and losing it forever. That came true for this Singaporean woman, but with a happier ending.

kind worker help singaporean woman retrieve her airpod that she dropped in a drainPhoto via TikTok (10.lifts)

Elaine Liu, the woman, posted on TikTok about losing one side of her AirPods Pro. She had pushed her hair aside while pedaling, and the slight movement caused her AirPod to slip out and plop in a sewer.

But all hope was not lost. Mukul, a migrant worker, assisted in retrieving the AirPod. He went a distance of two bus stops to the drain, according to her video.

Elaine documented the unexpected act of generosity in a video, even taking a selfie with Mukul right after!

@10.lifts Was cycling and my airpods pro just flew out when I accidentally brushed my hair, so heng that it fell right into the drain 🤦🏼‍♀️ !! Found this guy #Mukul ♬ original sound - Elaine Liu

Many adored Mukul and praised the man's good deed in the comments section, with some even offering him compensation for his generosity.

In another video, Elaine returned to Mukul's workplace to give him a few boxes of drinks and an angpao as a sign of appreciation. She even took a selfie with Mukul’s coworkers!

@10.lifts Kindness begets kindness. Sometimes its the little things people do for you, strangers do for you 🥰 #thankyoumukul #appreciateyou ♬ original sound - Elaine Liu

That was very kind, Mukul!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat