Netizens Praise Kind Aunty In the Philippines Buying Pastry For Hungry Doggo While Buying Food For Herself!

A TikTok video posted by fashion model Shane Selim (@shaneselim) recently captured a heartwarming moment that emphasises the vital need for compassion towards animals, particularly strays…

The video shows an admirable aunty who exemplifies this importance through her thoughtful actions.

netizens praise kind aunty in the philippines buying pastry for hungry doggo while buying food for herself!Photo via TikTok (@shaneselim)

In the footage, the aunty is seen purchasing multiple packets of pastries at a stall. Upon completing her purchase, she notices a cute stray dog standing nearby, wagging its tail and looking at her with longing eyes. Recognising the dog's hunger, the aunty takes a compassionate step by choosing one pastry from the store's display cabinet and purchasing it.

After securing the pastry, she takes it out of the bag and places it on the ground for the dog to enjoy. The hungry and grateful dog immediately starts nibbling at the offered treat without hesitation. 

This simple yet touching act of kindness has earned the aunty widespread praise, with viewers commending her for going above and beyond by spending her money to provide food for the stray dog.

@shaneselim our love for animals esp dogs 🥺❤️ i hope many people will love & be kind to them and not abuse them esp stray animals 🥺 #fyp #foryou #strayanimals #dog #straydogs ♬ what was I made for BILLIE EILISH FROM BARBIE - Oᴜᴛsᴛᴀɴᴅɪɴɢ_ʟyrics

This heartening incident serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of extending kindness to animals, particularly those without a home. 

It highlights the positive impact that small acts of compassion can have, fostering a more caring and empathetic community for all living beings.