A Heartwarming Recognition! Security Guard's Kindness Earns Her Prestigious National Award

In a beautiful testament to the power of kindness, a security guard from Perak has captured the hearts of many and is set to receive a well-deserved national honor later this month. 

Puan Yogeswary, known for her compassionate and caring approach towards patients and visitors at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB) Ipoh, is among those who will be receiving medals from the Agong.

a heartwarming recognition! security guard's kindness earns her prestigious national awardPhoto via TikTok (@mynewshub)

The heartening news was shared on TikTok which acknowledged Puan Yogeswary's significant contributions, "Congratulations, Puan Yogeswary, the guard who went viral at HRPB Ipoh will be awarded the orders, decorations, and medals of Malaysia by YDPA," they posted.

Puan Yogeswary, touched by the recognition, expressed her gratitude and took a moment to extend her thanks to the visitors of HRPB Ipoh and the general public who supported her.

"Firstly, I would like to extend my thousands of thanks to all the visitors who have come to HRPB Ipoh. With your support and comments, I will be receiving this medal. (This is) in regards to my services at the Women’s and Children’s Complex, especially to all the young ladies who come to give birth there and also by assisting fathers to find parking."

"Now, I am on duty at the Daily Treatment Complex for differently-abled patients (the elderly). I am receiving this award from all of you. From all of the comments you all made when I went viral before this. I would like to say thank you to everyone, and not forgetting my company, United, who I work for now, our safety unit, my family, my Facebook friends, and the upper management of HRPB Ipoh. Thank you once again to all of you," she expressed with genuine appreciation.

This heartwarming recognition highlights the profound impact small acts of kindness can have on a community. Puan Yogeswary's dedication to her duties, especially in providing assistance and comfort to those in need, serves as a powerful reminder of why kindness is crucial in our society.

a heartwarming recognition! security guard's kindness earns her prestigious national awardPhoto via TikTok (@mynewshub)

As the award ceremony approaches at Balairung Seri, Istana Negara, on 18th (Monday) and 19th (Tuesday) December, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Puan Yogeswary. 

Her kindness is truly inspiring, showcasing the positive ripple effect that compassion can create in our world!