Kind Malaysian Sells Second-Hand Car For RM1 To Senior Citizen Selling Frozen Roti Canai

Car workshop owner from Melaka, Shikh Muhammad Makhdad Haron sold a second-hand Proton Iswara to a senior citizen selling frozen roti canai for only RM1!

Shikh Muhammad who owns a workshop in Durian Tunggal told Malay Mail that the 72-year-old pak cik needed a car to help him sell and transport his frozen roti canai packets to various homes and shops. 

He learned about the pak cik’s plight after a friend told him about it in a mechanics’ WhatsApp group. 

kind malaysian sells second-hand car for rm1 to senior citizen selling frozen roti canaiPhoto via GoodyMY

“About a week ago, I decided to invite him over to my workshop to see him asn ask a few questions. He told me he had sold his only car as it had a lot of problems.

“And then I asked him if he had RM1 and offered to sell the car to him for that price,” he said.

Shikh Muhammad said that the RM1 was just a “gimmick” as his intention was to gift the Pak Cik Isa the second-hand car for free and to help him deliver roti canai packets with ease. 

“At first he wanted to buy a second-hand car from my workshop with a budget of RM1,500 to RM2,000. But he was in for a big surprise when I told him that the car was for a price beyond his imagination.

“I felt happy being able to give him the car,” he said. 

Shikh bought the 90s model of the Proton Iswara six month ago from a car dealer. As a local car enthusiast, he would also buy second-hand cars or receive old and used cars as gifts from friends. 

He has also given motorcycles, a tent and a grass cutter to individuals facing financial difficulties to help them generate an income. 

This is so kind. Thank you, Shikh Muhammad for helping Pak Cik Isa!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat